The Life And Times Of a Kiwi Fox

Friday, September 10, 2004

So a good half day went by...

So a good half day has gone by since i stuck the original post up. Now it seems a good 20 or so people actually stumbled across my blog, thats a lot more than i had expected so i am quite happy, and if your returning, then thanks for coming, take a seat (like yah, your on a computer, your probably already sitting LOL) and allow me to occupy some more of your time, and hey, thanks i appreciate the visit :o)

You know, i wish i could talk with some of you guys, do you want to know about me? or the things i do, and see, and what i think about them? or somthing else perhaps. But hey, i figure what the heck, i'll write some more about me, They say i live in my own little world, but thats okay, they like me here :o)

More about me

Right well, lets start with what i know about my self. I am adopted, as i understand it i was pretty much given away from minute start, for what ever reason my Mother couldn't keep me and thats fine, I can't judge her for that as i don't know the circumstances. I still talk, and visit the Grandparents of my Birth Mother, but i have yet to run into her.

My Birth Grandfather is from Barbados, he is the first of his family to come to NZ, now it seems that if we jump up the family tree from him a few generations my family were Political Exiles from Scotland!! so that i guess makes me a little scottish, its possible, as i do have Red facial hair and arn't a fan of shareing money or Alcahole LOL...

My parents adopted me, as for the reason, i dont know, but i'm happy they did, I resent nothing about my life, its been fantastic, i couldn't picture a different life, (Now by that i'm not saying things were always rosy and good, But my life has shaped me into the person that i am, and i Like myself LOL, sounds a bit uppy but im happy with where i am, and what i've become)from the Big sis that used to tease and beat up on me, to the little sis i had to look out for, To the mum who is now a great friend and can be talked to about anything, to the father, always strong, a silent but powerful presense in my life.

As a Kid my parents moved a lot, i dont know if any of you out there have had the experience of moving schools a lot, but it's not much fun, it's very, character building shall we say, but basically at school i was never one of the cool group, i just had 2 really good friends (who are friends to this day) that i could rely on, and i did my sports and that was enough.

Right well i think thats enough for this time, thanks to those who took the time to read it, and an extra thanks to those who are on there second visit :o)
Next time i shall talk about my Sporting involvments, Mountainbiking primarily, but there were other sports. Till Next time, Farewell.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

In the beginning...

So here I am, and there you are, You bear witness to my thoughts (Not all my thoughts of course, some things are best kept to ones self...), Some of my dreams, and a whole stack of aspirations, well all this in time.

I dont know what made me decide to start a blog, But seeing as a spend a stack of time at my computer and alwasy have the urge to write, then what better subject than to write about myself? Works for me anyhow. So who am i? What do I do? well i should like to know the same of you, however I will kick into the blog with a breif description of myself, then maybe you will know what to expect for the post in the future...

Who Am I?
I am a 20 year old New Zealander, or Kiwi if you like, from down under, Down and to the right of Australia (There is no bridge to australia...), Its a nice place With a population just coming up on 4 Million. I am from the south Island, A Place of great scenery and fantastic sporting oppourtunitys.

What do i do?
I do a lot, everything from Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Fire Danceing (Twirling a Staff to be more specific) I am also no novice (or n00b if you like...) when it comes to computers, i have a Job, not quite a Typical Job, i work in the Air Force as a Supplier (I may go into that more at a later date). I also like to read, mainly Heroic Type Fantasy's, but i do enjoy the war stories written by Sven Hassel. and much much more, but at a later date i promise.

Now i best end this first Post here, as off all the posts i guess the first one would get less people looking at it so i better not Use up all my lifes story here. SO thank you for taking the time to read Might see you back here tomorrow.

-- The Kiwi Fox.